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X-Force Prem HC Cable and New Mutants DM Var Ed 55

Written by LOUISE SIMONSON & DWIGHT ZIMMERMAN Penciled by ROB LIEFELD & BOB HALL Covers by ROB LIEFELD For years, the New Mutants have struggled to hone their powers and teamwork in defense of Charles Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants. Now, with the arrival of Cable-a mysterious metal-armed, big-gunned, glowing-eyed man from the future-things will never be same...not for the New Mutants, and not for any mutants! Featuring the threats of Stryfe, Nitro, the Vulture, the Skrulls and Sabretooth! Guest-starring Sunfire and Wolverine! Collecting NEW MUTANTS #86-94 and NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL #5. 264 PGS./Rated A
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Super Heroes
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