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Ninja Boy Faded Dreams TP

When his family is brutally slain by an evil warlord, young Nakio - last survivor of the Mugen Ninja Clan - sets upon a path of vengeance! NINJA BOY: FADED DREAMS is a 160-page trade paperback from WildStorm Productions, collecting all six thrilling issues of the NINJA BOY series written by Allen Warner, with art by creator Ale Garza (THE TITANS/YOUNG JUSTICE: GRADUATION DAY, GEN13) and Dan Norton (EVERQUEST: THE RUINS OF KUNARK). Nakio the Ninja Boy is being trained in the secret arts of the Mugen Ninja, but in his heart he yearns to be a hero. His first solo mission goes horribly wrong, though, when he is discovered by the murderous Mikaboshi. His brothers slain before his eyes, Nakio returns home to find all the Mugen dead, save his grandfather. With his dying breath, the old man sends Nakio on an unforgettable journey to find the one person with the power to stop Mikaboshi: the wizard Jurojin! Joined by Sake (a furry forest dweller with a taste for alcohol), Rack Lo the Thief and Kura the Forest Girl, Nakio travels through the enchanted Old Tonbo Forest encountering mantis gods, monkey kings, and a city made of diamonds! The Ninja Boy and his friends must find Jurojin soon or fall victim to Mikaboshi's elite assassins, led by the fearsome Zhensho! SC, 7x10, 160pg, FC.
Author / Artist:
Allen Warner,Alé Garza,Dan Norton
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