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Kabuki Vol 6 Scarab TP

Growing up in the subcultures of urban Japan, a young woman journeys through the underworlds of organized crime, secret societies, government operatives, awkward friendships, and young romance. A Mix of crime fiction and personal duality, elegantly told through the masks and metaphors of Japanese Mythology. Kabuki: Scarab (collects Kabuki Agents 1-8) picks up right where KABUKI: Metamorphosis left off and answers all the mysteries left dangling from that series. And Scarab is still a self-contained story, so even new readers can start with it. More than the original issues, this handsome 256 page collection includes a gallery of covers (including the Quesada variant), new pin-ups, sketches and character designs, afterword and story commentary by David Mack, an insightful introduction by Paul Pope, and a brand new cover painting by David Mack.. (W) David Mack (A) Rick Mays (Cover) David Mack. TP, BW, 256pg.
Author / Artist:
David Mack
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