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Marvel Visionaries Gil Kane TP

Cover by gil kane. various (w)/gil kane (p). A lifetime retrospective of the legend's greatest work for the House of Ideas! Joining the immortal Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and John Romita in the annals of The House's history is one of the industry's most gifted artists: Gil Kane! With his fluid pencils, Kane brought a loving familiarity to Mighty Marvel's most popular characters in a body of work reprinted for fans new and old alike! Collecting TALES TO ASTONISH #76 (Kane's first Marvel work, featuring the Hulk), TALES OF SUSPENSE #88 - #91 (Captain America vs. the Red Skull), CAPTAIN MARVEL #17, DAREDEVIL #146 (the definitive Bullseye), MARVEL PREMIERE #1 (Him becomes Adam Warlock) and #15 (first appearance of Iron Fist), WHAT IF? #3 (What If the Avengers Never Were?) and #24 ("What If Gwen Stacy lived?), the classic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #99 and #123, and MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #116 (featuring the Two-Gun Kid) -- plus, the cover to MIGHTY MARVEL WESTERN #44 (Kane's favorite)! 256-page trade paperback!
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Gil Kane
Marvel Visionaries
Art Books
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