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Nine Rings Of Wu Tang Vol 1 Book Of Days TP

NINE RINGS OF THE WU-TANG TPB VOL I: BOOK OF DAYS. (W) Brian Haberlin and Aaron Bullock (P) Clayton Henry (I) Crime Lab Inkworks 36 CHAMBERS... 9 RINGS... 1 WU-TANG CLAN! There once lived a day when mysticism and science blended into the balance of yen and yang, and men still possessed the memory that they were more than simple earth bound mammals. Out of those murky winds arose a group of nomadic warriors who banded together for survival; they became the Wu-Tang Clan. Nine Moorish warriors, martial artists in the highest caliber, individually fearless, unstoppable as a team. The known world became their kingdom, and morality became their highest cause. With them, they would carry the ark of knowledge and the spark for future remembrance. Because you demanded it all the sold out, impossible to find, just plain hard to get NINE RINGS OF THE WU-TANG issues are brought together in one fabulous trade paperback! This collection binds the impossible to find PREVIEW ISSUE, WIZARD ZERO ISSUE, and ISSUES 1-5 plus cover gallery and sketchbook. FC, 168gs.
Author / Artist:
Brian Haberlin,Aaron Bullock,Clayton Henry
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