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Justice League Of America Archives HC Vol 06

One month after the SILVER AGE event revitalized classic concepts from a bygone era comes JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ARCHIVES Volume 6, a handsome hardcover book collecting original stories from that inspirational period. Reprinting issues #41-47 and #49-50 (#48 was a reprint book whose cover is re-presented in this edition), this exciting volume includes the first stories of some of the League's most enduring foes, as well as an unforgettable JLA/JSA crossover featuring the menace of the Anti-Matter Man! Written by Gardner Fox, with art by Mike Sekowsky (the subject of this volume's introduction by Mark Evanier), Bernard Sachs, Frank Giacoia, Joe Giella, and Sid Greene, Volume 6 of this popular Archives series includes the debuts of the Key, the Royal Flush Gang, the Unimaginable, and the Shaggy Man (the indestructible villain who recently faced the League as the General) and battles with Blockbuster, Solomon Grundy and others. It culminates in the incredible team-up with the Justice Society that featured the Spectre struggling to keep Earths -1 and -2 from colliding, a tale that featured the first Silver Age appearance of Wesley Dodds, the Golden Age Sandman. It's a collection that's so much fun, only Metamorpho could say No! (See JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #42 to get this mediocre pun/in-reference.) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA Volume 6 is a 240-page hardcover book.
Author / Artist:
Gardner Fox,Mike Sekowsky,Bernard Sachs,Frank Giacoia,Joe Giella,Sid Greene
Justice League
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