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Ted McKeevers Eddy Current Vol 1 TP

By Ted McKeever. The groundbreaking 12-issue series is collected in a handy new digest format! Each book covers four hours in the most important night in Eddy's life. In Book 1 it's "lights out" at the Dum Dum Asylum for the mentally disturbed. Inmate Eddy gets a package. He placed the order from an ad in "The Amazing Broccoli Man" comic. Contained within is a brand-spankin'-new "Dynamic Fusion" suit. Now he's ready. When lightning strikes the asylum, causing all the alarms to short out, Eddy makes his escape. He has 12 hours to save the world and return by 6am when they open his cell! Introduction by Dave (Watchmen) Gibbons, plus "Libretto," a short strip drawn by Dave and written by Ted! Cover by Ted McKeever and Chris Chuckry. SC, 5x7, 120pgs, B&W.
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Eddy Current
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