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44 Years of the Fantastic Four on DVD-ROM

Over 20,000 pages of Fantastic Four on one awesome DVD-ROM. It contains a complete, full-color collection of every monthly issue of Marvel Comics's flagship super-hero group - Fantastic Four - from nearly 44 years of continuous publication! That's a total of 550 issues of archival comic books! Featuring every single page, cover-to-cover, as they were originally published - all the letters pages, pin-ups, vintage advertisements, "Stan Lee's Soapboxes," and the mind- blowing classic Jack "King" Kirby art - this collection spans Fantastic Four #1 (November 1961) through Fantastic Four #520 (December 2004), and includes more than 30 years of "Annual" issues as well! PDF format, 1 DVD-ROM.
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Fantastic Four
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