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Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol 3 The Last Stand TP

This is an advance order item. Written by MARK MILLAR. Pencils & Cover by TERRY DODSON. In the conclusion to the MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN super-story, the identity of Aunt May's abductor is finally revealed. But is that the villain who really pulls the strings? Things heat up as Spidey and the Black Cat face off against the might of the Sinister Twelve. HOLY COW, TRUE BELIEVERS! DID WE SAY TWELVE? Even with the tough-as-nails Black Cat by his side, how can the web-slinger possibly defeat twelve of the most powerful super-villains on the planet? The roller-coaster ride that is MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN picks up speed, riding a corkscrew to its conclusion! Collects MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #9-12.
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