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Wizard Best Of Spider-Man Limited Dlx HC

Cover by MIKE MAYHEW; Written by PETER DAVID, ROGER STERN and DAVID MICHELINE; Art by JOHN ROMITA JR., RON FRENZ and RICH BUCKLER; Introduction by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS. You asked for it and by a special arrangement with Marvel Comics, Wizard delivers you our Top 12 Spider-Man Comics of all time in one special hardcover volume. Return to the magic of these timeless tales starring Spider-Man: NOTHING STOPS THE JUGGERNAUT from Amazing Spider-Man #229-#230 by Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr. sees Spider-Man take on one of the X-Men's greatest rogues and refuses to give up against a foe he can't possibly beat. HYDE IN PLAIN SIGHT from Amazing Spider-Man #231-#232, also by Stern and Romita Jr., features a wounded Spidey, stuck protecting Cobra from the vengeance of super-strong Hyde across the rooftops of Manhattan. THE DEATH OF JEAN DeWOLFF from Spectacular Spider-Man #107-#110 by Peter David and Rich Buckler features a guest appearance by Daredevil and clarifies the differences between the two heroes. VENOM STRIKES BACK from Amazing Spider-Man #315-#317 By David Michelinie & Todd McFarlane. Spidey barely survived the first fight. Now Venom has busted out of his maximum security cell and makes the rematch personal. He knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man. He knows Mary Jane is his wife. He knows where Aunt May lives. And Venom will not quit until he knows they're all dead. BONUS: Spider-Man class photo by David Finch! Every major Spidey incarnation in one picture, from the alien symbiote to the Spider-Hulk! THE KID WHO COLLECTS SPIDER-MAN from Amazing Spider-Man #248 by Stern and Ron Frenz is one of the most popular Spidey stories of all time. It's about a kid who collected everything about Spider-Man-from news clippings to bullets shot at him. But there's more to this boy than it seems, and in the dramatic climax, Spidey does something he'd never done before. In addition to the 12 influential issues contained in this landmark volume, this hardcover will also feature exclusive behind-the-scenes commentary from Stan Lee along with a new introduction by Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis. This historic event is completed with a new stunning Spidey cover by artist Mike Mayhew and additional new artwork by Ultimate X-Men artist David Finch featuring every incarnation of Spidey ever done! (Even Peter Porker the Spider-Ham!) HC, 7x10, 272pg, FC.
Author / Artist:
Mike Mayhew,Peter David,Roger Stern,David Michelinie,John Romita Jr,Ron Frenz,Rich Buckler
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