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Essential X-Men TP Vol 07

Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT. Penciled by BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH, ALAN DAVIS, JACKSON GUICE, MARC SILVESTRI, BRET BLEVINS, KERRY GAMMILL, RICK LEONARDI, ART ADAMS & JON BOGDANOVE. Cover by MARC SILVESTRI. In the wake of the Marauders' Mutant Massacre, the X-Men go mobile to plan their next move - but recruiting Dazzler and Havok brings them even more catastrophe! And with a teammate's life on the line, the mutant marvels are forced to fight the Fantastic Four and seek the genius of Doctor Doom! Another elite X-saga of the eighties concludes with the world-shaking Fall of the Mutants! Plus: the introduction of...the X-Babies!? The cosmic power of...Wolverine!? Featuring Sabretooth, the Juggernaut, Mystique, Captain Britain and more! Collects UNCANNY X-MEN #214-228 and ANNUAL #10-11, and FANTASTIC FOUR VS. THE X-MEN #1-4. 560 PGS.
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