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Silver Star Graphite Edition SC - Jack Kirby

Legendary artist Jack Kirby first conceptualized Silver Star in the mid-1970s as a movie screenplay, complete with illustrations to sell the idea to Hollywood. Too far ahead of its time for Tinseltown, Jack instead adapted his "Visual Novel" as a six-issue mini-series for Pacific Comics in the early 1980s, making it the last original creation of his career. King Kirby's final series is collected at last, this time reproduced from his powerful un- inked pencil art. Read the complete story of Ho-Geneticus, the New Breed of humanity tha spawns both hero (Silver Star) and viallain (the nefarious Darius Drumm), leading to one of the most action-packed narratives and spellbinding climaxes ever conceived on a comics page. As a special bonus, read Kirby's provocative screenplay, reproduced in its entirety, including illustrations and never-published character sketches. Plus, there's pin- ups and other rare Kirby art, and a historical overview to put it all in perspective. A percentage of profits from this book go to the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center! SC, 8x11, 160pgs, B&W.
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