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Marvel Westerns Kid Colt And Arizona Girl

Written by JUSTIN GRAY, JIMMY PALMIOTTI & JIM MCCANN. Art by FEDERICA MANFREDI, JIMMY PALMIOTTI & DAVID WILLAIMS. Cover by ERIC POWELL. When wild west gunfighters with a reputation for shootin' first and askin' questions later, Kid Colt and Arizona Annie, take a job escorting a stage coach through dangerous Apache territory, they come upon a town stranger than any the west has seen. It doesn't take long before Annie and the Kid find themselves in hot water with the locals and runnin' low on bullets. And that's when things get really weird! PLUS: An 8-page story by Jim McCann and David Williams, introducing the woman who is here to tame the Wild West, one engraved invitation at a time - the Philadelphia Philly - and a man who's lost it all, even his name - the man called Spender. ALSO re-presenting three classic MARVEL WESTERN tales by two comic legends: "Stagecoach to Shotgun Gap" and "Those Who Live by the Gun" by Jack Kirby and "The Man Who Robbed the Express" by Dick Ayers. 48 PGS./Rated T+.
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