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Essential Marvel Horror TP Vol 01

Written by GARY FRIEDRICH, STEVE GERBER, MIKE FRIEDRICH, CHRIS CLAREMONT, JOHN WARNER, BILL MANTLO, GERRY CONWAY, ROY THOMAS & TONY ISABELLA. Penciled by TOM SUTTON, HERB TRIMPE, JIM MOONEY, GENE COLAN, SAL BUSCEMA, BOB MCLEOD, JIM STARLIN, SONNY TRINIDAD, CRAIG RUSSELL, ED HANNIGAN, RUSS HEATH, JOHN ROMITA, HERB TRIMPE, MIKE VOSBURG, ESTEBAN MAROTO, PABLO MARCOS, ENRIQUE ROMERO & GEORGE EVANS. Cover by GIL KANE. What's it like to be the son and the daughter of the Father of Lies? Find out as Daimon Hellstrom and his sister, Satana, face the worst of two worlds! Can they save their souls along with the world? Featuring Exorcists, Cyclists, Nihilists and Ice Demons! Secrets of Ancient Atlantis revealed! Guest-starring Spider-Man, the Thing and the Human Torch! Collects GHOST RIDER #1-2, MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #12-24, SON OF SATAN #1-8, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #14, MARVEL TEAM-UP #32 and #80-81, VAMPIRE TALES #2-3, HAUNT OF HORROR #24-25, and MARVEL PREMIERE #27. 608 PGS./Parental Advisory.
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