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Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Vol 1 New Ed HC

Featuring Marvel Boy, Human Torch, Captain America & Sub-Mariner. Written by STAN LEE. Penciled by BILL EVERETT, JOHN ROMITA, CARL BURGOS, RUSS HEATH & WAYNE BORING. Cover by CARL BURGOS. As the '50s dawned and the Atlas Era was born, the day of the Nazi-stomping super hero had passed, and in its place came a new style of hero reflective of the changing times. Heroes born of bizarre atomic science that battled otherworldly alien menaces, and patriotic poster boys that battled back the Communist hordes. Marvel Boy: Rejecting the tyranny of Earth's governments, scientist Dr. Matthew Grayson built an experimental spacecraft and traveled to the planet Uranus with his infant son, Robert. In this incredible environment, young Robert developed marvelous powers of telepathy and superhuman strength, combined with a pair of amazing photonic wristbands. These astonishing powers made him Marvel Boy, cosmic protector of the solar system! The Hero Revival: The year was 1953, and with fear of Communism clutching the nation's attention, Atlas Comics publisher Martin Goodman tapped Stan Lee - along with artists John Romita, Bill Everett, Carl Burgos and Russ Heath - to stage a revival of the most-famous super heroes of the era. Bursting onto the pages of YOUNG MEN, the Human Torch, Captain America and the Sub-Mariner made their explosive return to the comics scene! The inaugural volume of a line collecting the exceptionally rare 1950s appearances of Captain America, the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner, Marvel Boy, the Black Knight and more, ATLAS ERA HEROES VOL. 1 is just the first peek into a historical bridge between the Golden Age and the Marvel Age of Heroes no fan should be without! Collecting MARVEL BOY #1-2, ASTONISHING #3-6 and YOUNG MEN #24-28. 304 PGS.
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