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Essential X-Factor TP Vol 02

Written by LOUISE SIMONSON, WALTER SIMONSON, JO DUFFY & TOM DEFALCO. Penciled by WALTER SIMONSON, JUNE BRIGMAN, STEVE LIGHTLE, TERRY SHOEMAKER, SAL BUSCEMA & TOM GRINDBERG. Cover by WALTER SIMONSON. Iceman gets too frozen, the Beast gets too bestial and the Angel gets a REALLY sharp new set of wings as the original X-Men face mutant-haters and hate-filled mutants who agree on one thing: They want X-Factor dead! Apocalypse first gathers his horrendous Horsemen, and Caliban makes the transition from tracker to Hellhound! Infectia, Orphan-Maker and the Alliance of Evil! Plus: For fans of the current X-Factor, witness Quicksilver's earlier descent into dementia and the first appearance of Rictor! Featuring Thor, Freedom Force and more! Collecting X-FACTOR #17-35 and ANNUAL #2, and THOR #378. 512 PGS.
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