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Banya Explosive Delivery Man Vol 5 TP

KIM YOUNG-OH (W/A). In an exciting volume of nonstop action, the story of Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man comes to an end! Banya races to deliver his most important 'package' ever-the powerful summoner Jiahn-to the aptly named Land of Death. Jiahn must reach her destination before an extraordinary evil is unleashed upon Gaya, but a vicious pack of warriors and monsters, led by the villainous Kamutu, closes in quickly. When Banya regains his memory, will he slip back into the role of a brutal killer and join Kamutu, or will his love for his friends at the Gaya Desert Post Office overcome the pull of a violent, rage-filled past? Kim Young-Oh delivers a brilliantly illustrated climax to this action-packed series. This series is presented in its original Korean format and translated by the mother/son team of Taesoon Kang and Derek Kirk Kim! b&w, 200 pages, TPB, 5' x 7'.
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