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Marvel Masterworks Incredible Hulk Vol 5 New Ed HC

Written by STAN LEE & ROY THOMAS Penciled by HERB TRIMPE Cover by HERB TRIMPE I smash, you smash, but nobody, that's NOBODY, smashes like Hulk smash! Welcome back for another set of gamma-irradiated adventures in the tragic saga of Dr. Bruce Banner and his green-skinned Mr. Hyde, the Incredible Hulk! Stan 'The Man' and 'Happy' Herb Trimpe have pulled out all the stops for you, and just to make sure the non-stop action doesn't miss a beat, Roy Thomas joins in to knock it up enough to make your teeth rattle! The Hulk bashes outer-space aliens, smashes the shifting Sandman, grapples with the deadly Mandarin, and faces the return of his earliest, deadliest enemy - the Leader - all the while defending himself against General 'Thunderbolt' Ross and the U.S. Army. It's the Hulk at his absolute most-classic and just in case you had any doubts, we're rounding it out with bare-fisted battles against the Sub-Mariner, the Inhumans and the bizarre swamp beast, the Glob! Collecting THE INCREDIBLE HULK #111-121. 240 PGS
Author / Artist:
Stan Lee
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