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Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales Of Suspense Vol 3 Ltd Ed HC (#144)

Written by STAN LEE & LARRY LIEBER Penciled by JACK KIRBY, STEVE DIKTO, DON HECK & PAUL REINMAN Cover by JACK KIRBY It's a jam-packed Tales of Suspense monster bonanza! And you know you can't keep a good monster down. No way, no how, and before they revolutionized the super hero set, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made monsters their daily diet. Klaag. Oog. Bruttu. Monstrollo. Skyscraper-tall lumbering beasts from outer space; muck-covered monsters from the Savannah swamps; lost world anachronisms from beyond time; and they were all here to teach humanity a lesson, whether we liked it or not. And after Kirby scares you with his creatures from the id, Steve Ditko will tear at your conscience-from the inside out-in tense suspense-thrillers cast with nervous-eyed dreamers and sweaty-palmed schemers, none of whom make it out with getting theirs. Each and every tale is executed by a master of storytelling-by the talents that defined the comic book medium for a generation-and each one is brought to you, gleamingly restored, in the fan-favorite Marvel Masterworks line! Collecting TALES OF SUSPENSE #21-31.
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