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Pilot Season TP Vol 04 2010

story WILLIAMS HARMS, BRAD INGELSBY, JEFF KATZ, BRYAN EDWARD HILL, ROB LEVIN & FILIP SABLIK, art & cover TOP COWS FINEST OVER ONE MILLION VOTES CAST! Top Cow's annual Pilot Season competition draws unprecedented fan and media attention and 2010's crop of competitors was no different. Featuring a variety of creators, genres, and unique ideas, Pilot Season showcases five original series each presented in a 'pilot issue', which fans then voted on to determine which series would continue. This year's crop included reinventions of the bank heist, sci-fi conspiracy, supernatural revenge, action-thriller espionage, and deadly femme fatale. In the end, only one series emerged victorious! Collects the pilot issues of 39 MINUTES, ASSET, CROSSHAIR, FOREVER, and 7 DAYS FROM HELL, along with a cover gallery, behind-the-scenes extras, and commentary from the creators.
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